Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How long will it take to tour the Village?
The amount of time it will take to see everything in the Village varies greatly between visitors. We recommend you plan a minimum of two hours for your visit or bring a picnic lunch and plan to spend the whole day!

Is your site indoors or outdoors?
Our Museum is a combination of both indoors and outdoors. The Village is fashioned similar to a 19th-century hamlet so the buildings are separated by lanes and pathways. We recommend that you come dressed according to the weather!

What are your hours?
Our hours of operation vary each season and day of the week. For an overview of our hours of operation, please visit To see what our hours are today, please visit our homepage

What holidays are you open?
The Museum is not open on holidays. Since the Museum is only open Wednesday through Sunday, the Museum is closed on all holiday Mondays through the summer as well Canada Day.

How do I get there?
Our GPS address is 104 Lang Road, Keene. For more detailed instructions depending on where you are travelling from, please visit /plan-your-visit/directions-map/

Am I allowed to take photos in the historic Village?
You most certainly can! If you decide to take photos and post them to social media, please tag us (@LangPioneer) so we can see them! We ask that you do not allow anyone in your party to climb on artifacts or fences for photo opportunities. A fee applies for professional photographers who are bringing clients to the Village for our spectacular setting. Please contact to inquire about fees and to book a session.

Do you allow filming?
Yes, we allow filming but the timing must be pre-arranged and a Facility Use Agreement must be completed. A fee applies to all commercial filming projects. Please visit our Rentals page at for more information.

Is there an ATM onsite?
We do not have an ATM onsite but there is one located just south on Heritage Line in the village of Keene.

Should I bring cash?
Our Museum Shop accepts cash, debit, MasterCard and Visa. All packaged refreshments available onsite must be purchased at the time of booking or in the Museum Shop.

Are pets allowed in the Village?
Friendly, leashed pets are permitted inside the Village but we ask that you help keep the Village tidy by picking up after your pet.

Can we use the golf carts?
The golf carts we have onsite are for staff-use only. The carts are used to help staff efficiently navigate the Village with supplies but only outside of Museum operating hours so that we can maintain authenticity in the Village at all times.

Can we dress up in costume?
Absolutely! If you would like to dress up in your own costume when you come visit, you are more than welcome to. In fact, some of our special events invite visitors to participate by coming in relevant historic attire.

Do you do birthday parties?
We do not offer specific birthday party packages but visitors are welcome to have birthday parties onsite during our regular operating hours. For groups of ten or more, please contact our Visitor Experience Coordinator at 705-295-6694 ext. 5104 or e-mail

Do you do overnight camping?
No, we do not allow overnight camping.

What animals do you have onsite?
In a typical season, we have a variety of animals, including sheep, goats, pigs and chickens that are on loan to the Museum during the summer season from local farms. Unfortunately due to COVID, we do not currently have animals onsite.

What is your mailing address?
Our mailing address is c/o The County of Peterborough, 470 Water Street, Peterborough K9H 3M3.

Do you do guided tours?
During the summer our site is self-guided which allows visitors to spend as much or as little time exploring the Village property and our historic buildings as they would like. Many of our historic buildings are staffed with a costumed interpreter who will provide information about the building, its artifacts and the people who the building belonged to. We do offer Pre-Booked Guided Tours in the early fall. Please visit our Hours of Operation page for details.

What is your Wi-Fi password?
Our Wi-Fi password is lpvkeene.

What denomination is the church?
The Glen Alda Church was built in 1898 as a Methodist church. However, it is now non-denominational. For a small donation, the Glen Alda Church is available for any denomination for church services. To make arrangements to hold services in the church contact

Who is buried outside of the church?
While there is a headstone in the Church yard, there is no one buried there. The memorial stone was erected by the descendants of Lieutenant Phillip Elmhirst R.N. (Royal Navy). Born in 1781 in Yorkshire England, Phillip distinguished himself in action in the Napoleonic Wars. He arrived in Peterborough County in 1819 and settled on the north shore of Rice Lake, on land granted to him for his services in the Wars. This land is still owned by the Elmhirst family, who operate Elmhirst’s Resort, a beautiful place to stay while you are visiting the region.

Do you have air conditioning?
Much like in the 19th century, the historic Village does not have air conditioning.

Is there electricity in the buildings?
Our historic buildings are not equipped with electricity as electricity did not come into home use until the late 1800s and was installed in rural homes even later. Our Visitor Centre, the Peterborough County Agricultural Heritage Building, the Jacquard Loom Interpretive Centre and the church have electricity to support operations, demonstrations and weddings.

Are you hiring? When?
All of the hiring for Lang Pioneer Village Museum is conducted by the County of Peterborough. To inquire about available positions, please visit the County’s website at Hiring for seasonal positions usually begins in February.

Is the Mill running?
The Lang Grist Mill is interpreted during regular operational hours throughout the summer as well as at special events (with the exclusion of late fall and winter events). Due to COVID programming, the Lang Grist Mill is currently not operational however.

Is a visit to the Mill included in the admissions fee?
Due to altered COVID programming, the Lang Grist Mill is currently not operational and is closed to visitors.

Do you have flour?
Occasionally the Museum Shop has flour that has been ground in the Grist Mill for sale but the amount available is dependent on a number of factors, one of which is that it is delicious and sells fast! If you are interested in purchasing flour, please contact the Museum at 705-295-6694.

How is your site funded?
Lang Pioneer Village Museum is owned and operated by the County of Peterborough. We also receive funding through federal and provincial granting agencies such as the Community Museum Operating Grant (CMOG), and programs to support youth employment and skills development. In addition, our programs, site and historic building maintenance are greatly enhanced by generous donations from local business owners, partners and individuals. To help support the Village, contact

Can I be a volunteer?
We are always looking for individuals who are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping us bring history to life. For more information on the process of becoming a volunteer, please visit

Are your outhouses real?
While there are a few outhouses on-site, and they exist in the Village to show the amenities used by communities in public spaces in the 19th century, they are no longer in use and should not be used. Modern sanitized washroom facilities are located in the Visitor Centre.

Food Services

Do you have food onsite? What options are available?
We encourage visitors to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of our many picnic tables. However, if you are in need of refreshment or a snack while on site, we have you covered. Our Keene Hotel and Menie General Store offer a variety of beverages and treats. Note: these treats should be preordered or purchased in the museum shop before entering the village. 

Can we bring our own food?
Absolutely! We encourage our visitors to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of our many picnic tables in front of the Visitor Centre or spread an old-fashioned table cloth on the Village Green.


Do I have to purchase event tickets in advance? Can I buy tickets at the door?
Tours must be booked in advance by visiting To ensure the safety of all our visitors, groups must purchase a tour timeslot which includes a 45 minute guided tour and time to leisurely to explore the rest of the historic village. We ask that you please arrive on time for your tour to ensure that you receive the full time period allotted to your group.

I purchased tickets online. What do I need to do at Admissions?
The purchase confirmation you receive via email following your purchase serves as your tickets.  Please either print a copy of your purchase confirmation or ensure you can access it on your mobile device upon arrival.

Can I use my Family Day Pass at events?
Yes, Family Day Passes may be used at standard special events. If you have a family day pass to redeem, please contact the Museum at to redeem your pass.

Museum Shop

Do you take debit/credit?
Our Museum Shop accepts cash, debit, MasterCard and Visa.

Is your Gift Shop open?
Our Museum Shop is open according to operating hours during the summer as well as for special events. As per the province's Roadmap to Reopen plan, there are capacity restrictions in place in our Museum Shop.

Does your Gift Shop take consignment?
While the Museum is an avid supporter of local artists/artisans and small businesses, we do not take consignment in our Museum Shop. However, if you create hand-made products that are in keeping with our Museum Shop and the Village aesthetic, please contact the Visitor Experience Coordinator ( to share your creations with us for consideration for the Museum Shop.


Is the Village accessible?
The Village buildings are accessed on hard-packed gravel roads and pathways, the state of which can flux depending on weather conditions. Please note that, because a number of the historic buildings were built in the 19th century prior to accessibility standards, some of the historic buildings are not accessible or have levels with steep stairs that may be difficult for some guests to access. In these cases, whenever possible, staff will meet the needs of visitors who are unable to enter their building by stepping outside to interpret the building to them. We are currently working on accessibility enhancements and will update this site as these improvements are available.

Do you provide wheelchairs?
While the Village does have one wheelchair that is available upon request, we suggest that you bring your own wheelchair if you require one. Requests for use of the wheelchair we have onsite should be made to the Museum Shop attendant.

Programs & Events

What school programs do you offer and when?
The Museum offers a variety of virtual educational programs that can be accessed from your own learning environment. Please visit our Virtual Education Programs page at

What are the dates of your special events?
To see what special events we have scheduled, please visit our Special Events page at

When will the Steam Engine be running?
Due to current COVID programming, the Steam Engine is not being demonstrated. However, please keep an eye on our homepage under Special Demonstrations later in the season.

When is the Jacquard loom being demonstrated?
Due to current COVID programming, the Jacquard loom is not being demonstrated. However, please keep an eye on our homepage under Special Demonstrations later in the season.

Do you do workshops?
Yes. The workshops that we offer vary from year to year. To see what workshops we have scheduled, please visit


How can I donate artifacts to the Museum?
If you are interested in donating an artifact to the Museum, please visit our Donations page at for a copy of our Intent to Donate Form and more information about what we require when submitting a donations request.

Can you donate to our event?
Lang Pioneer Village Museum is a proud supporter of organizations that provide community services. We provide donations for charity events on a case-by-case basis. Donation requests can be submitted to

Weddings & Rentals

What are your facilities rentals?
For a detailed description of the spaces available at our site to rent for meetings, conferences or weddings, please visit

Can our wedding take place outside of your operating hours?
Yes, absolutely!  Lang Pioneer Village Museum weddings enjoy the detailed and after-hours attention of a wedding planner who is available before and during your special day to ensure that your wedding day is the memorable day you’ve envisioned.