The majority of the objects that make up the Permanent Object Collection and the Education Collection at Lang Pioneer Village Museum, have been donated by generous community members such as yourself, since the beginning of the Museum’s opening.  These objects primarily cover the time period 1820 – 1900, and are housed in the many heritage buildings that make up the Village and two dedicated collection storage areas onsite.

In addition, Lang Pioneer Village Museum also has a large Archival Collection relating to the County.  The Museum’s archival holdings include Land Registry Copy Books on loan from the Archives of Ontario since 1984.  You can view a listing of the loan materials here: Land Registry volumes held at Lang Pioneer Village Museum.

Are you interested in donating to Lang Pioneer Village Museum?

Lang Pioneer Village Museum greatly appreciates you thinking about the Museum as a recipient of your object donations.  However, like many museums, we are faced with very limited storage space so must be very selective in any new acquisitions to our collections.  We ask all potential donors to complete an Intent to Donate Form with as much information as possible.  This will help determine the suitability of an object to be added to the collection.  We also request that you add photographs, if possible, especially of any identifying features (manufacturer’s mark, condition, etc.).

A completed Intent to Donate Form, photographs, and inquiries can be emailed to the Museum Curator at

***Please note that at this time the Museum is not accepting drop offs as we do not have the room to store items while awaiting accession approval.***