Enjoy an evening of local music history at Lang Pioneer Village presented by Cheryl Casselman, Dr. Allan Kirby, Howard Baer and Michael O’Toole.

The Peterborough area has long been considered by scholars to be one of the richest areas in North America for traditional folk songs. More than 2,500 orally-transmitted folk songs were documented in the region during the 20th century. Edith Fowke is accredited with being a significant figure in folk music scholarship for her work in researching and collecting folk songs in the Peterborough region, sung by local traditional folk singers, during the mid-1950s. Fowke went on to become internationally known as a result of her work, however, her story and massive collection of folk song recordings featuring Peterborough-area singers is not widely known locally.

“It is an important story from a music history perspective. Through the Lang Pioneer Village Museum production ‘A Folk Song History of the Peterborough Region in Words & Music’, the story is told in an entertaining manner. It is a history lesson that you can tap your feet to,” says Dr. Kirby.

Tickets are $25 per person and must be purchased in advance. Please click on the link below to purchase your tickets!